General Woodworking has been a leader in the manufacturing of top quality laminated products and casework since 1978. In 1992, Genwood integrated metal working and powder coat paint finishing operations with their expertise in casework and worksurface fabrication to develop Phoenix Workstations.

Since then, Phoenix has grown into an industry leader in workstation manufacturing. Along with an extensive line of standard product, we have an unparrelled offering of custom products ranging from simple modifications to very elaborate custom designs. All without the excessive price tag. Our engineering staff will work with you to provide a quote and drawing for your specific requirements.

All our products are made in the USA and are very competitively priced. Both our manufacturing plants are in Lowell MA. We have 100% manufacturing capability under our own roof. This allows us to have very short lead times, and our promised lead time is our actual lead time. We can respond to immediate needs because all of our operations are done in-house. This is also what enables us to offer such a broad range of custom designs and solutions.

We can provide the whole package. This includes all related items including accompanying casework, desks, reception centers, special purpose carts or racking, computer peripherals, chairs, ball transfer systems, ESD tops, ESD paints, lighting and magnification etc.. Another unique aspect of Phoenix Workstations is that most of our product ships fully assembled. We offer knocked down (disassembled) product as well, but the majority of our customers choose fully assembled. This means the table is fully welded (not bolt-together) and all the accessories are assembled in-place per the customer's requirements. Different configurations on the same order are welcome. When the workstations arrive, they are ready to go. No one else can offer this kind of service at no impact to cost or lead time.

We have a national network of trained dealers who can be made available in any region of the country. We are also available at the factory anytime to offer any required assistance. Our staff and dealers are fully trained in all the latest manufacturing and laboratory strategies. These include Lean, Cell, Pull, Ergonomics, flexibility, modularity and Agile manufacturing (TRUE agile manufacturing... it's not agile if it has to be disassembled and re-assembled to be reconfigured).

Our customer base includes manufacturing, laboratories, office, public utilities, hospitals and healthcare, defense, communications, colleges and schools, museums, warehouses and retail stores. Please see our facilities and benefits pages for a more in-depth discussion.