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Phoenix Workstations provides all the products and services you'd expect from a leading workstation manufacturer. It's the extras you don't expect that have allowed us to continue to grow in today's economy.
- No price or lead time impact for fully welded tables that are fully assembled - including accessories. These stations can be put in place and are ready to go.
- 13 standard powder coat choices. Custom colors and archived colors also available at minimal or no additional cost.
- Extensive standard products as well as unparalleled custom products
- Fixed height workstations (or the starting heights of height adjustable stations) come at ANY height specified by customer at no additional cost.
- One stop shopping. All related accessories are available (chairs, computer peripherals, racks, carts, desks etc.)
- Expertise in ESD (electrostatic dissipation), cleanrooms, material handling, ergonomics, agile manufacturing, ball transfers etc..
- Wide assortment of work surface choices:
- High pressure laminate
- Maple Butcher block
- Stainless steel
- Epoxy
- Phenolic
- Technical support and assistance in developing productivity enhancing solutions.
- Fast quote and drawing, usually within hours. Quotes for elaborate custom designs can take longer.
- Choice of slotted or open channel rear upright systems
- Always a powder coat finish. Everything is fabricated at our factory for quick response time and tight quality control.
- There are no hidden costs or required extras, for instance:
- Drawer mounting brackets are included in the price of the drawer
- The "ESD kit" is included in the price of an ESD workstation
- The footrest cross support is included in the price of the standard workstation
- No surprises like:
- Your stations are agile as long as you disassemble them and reassemble them hoping you will now have the right number of "shared" legs. Phoenix workstations are designed to be truly agile. Any floor plan can be reconfigured in minutes without disassembly.
- Your height adjustable stations are only height adjustable if you re-adjust all your accessories upward on the rear uprights to allow the top to come up. Our workstations have four different types of height adjustment. All types are tooless and none require you to re-arrange your accessories because they will raise and lower with the work surface.

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